USCG boat bill of sale

What Goes into a USCG Boat Bill of Sale

Are you looking for a USCG boat bill of sale document? Have you started to put your own together, only to find that you aren’t 100% sure what goes into one? At our vessel documentation service, we get many questions from potential customers. One of them is: “where can I find an official bill of sale document?” The truth is that there is no “official” bill of sale document, not run through the Coast Guard. However, we can tell you what you should put in one. Additionally, we can help you to process it, too. 

Why You Need a USCG Boat Bill of Sale 

This document can have many uses for vessel owners. For one, it can help to prove your ownership rights. It may not be able to do that definitively, but it sure can’t hurt. By that same token, it can assist quite a bit in getting insurance for your boat, too. Usually, vessel owners have a bill of sale as well as other forms, such as the Certificate of Documentation, and others. As ever, it’s better to have a bill of sale than not. 

What’s Included in a Boat Bill of Sale 

To have a comprehensive bill of sale, it must contain certain information. For example, you need the names of all parties involved. That means names, of course, but it also means you get their license numbers and even complete addresses. Beyond information about the people involved, you’re going to need info about the boat involved, too. That means its make, model, and identification number. If there were any after-market changes, no matter how minor, those should be included, too. A good rule of thumb: document the sale itself. Make sure the price that everyone agreed to is in writing on this document. That can help to head off potential problems later on. 

Steps to Take After the Sale 

Hopefully, the sale went off without a hitch and both parties are happy. Even so (and perhaps especially if so) don’t just end with a “handshake.” Make sure that you get their signature, too. A written proof of your agreement can help, too. You can put that in the bill of sale as well. Then, make some copies. Take a picture of it, and save it on your phone, computer, or cloud, but get some physical copies as well. 

All of the Documents You’ll Need 

While a “Bill of Sale” isn’t a form that’s officially made by the USCG, you can find all of the official forms at our site. We can help to process your Bill of Sale, yes, but we can also help you to get all of the other forms that you’ll need throughout the course of vessel ownership, too. From initial documentation, renewal, replacement, reinstatement, deletion, or anything else, we have the forms that vessel owners need for compliance here at our site. You can find our entire catalog online or you can email or call our staff for extra help.