Can You Register a Boat Without Title

Can You Register a Boat Without a Title?

Can you register a boat without a title? That’s a great question and you are in the right place to find out. It’s no secret that registering a boat is much easier when you have a title on hand, but it’s not impossible without one. If you have recently purchased a boat and there’s no…

cg 3752

Safeguard Your Passengers With Form CG 3752

If you carry passengers on your boat, there are some regulations that you are required to adhere to ensure their safety while on board your vessel. This includes a fishing vessel, as well as any other watercraft. Whether your boat is inspected or uninspected depends on the number of passengers you take on board. Using…

Do Boats Have VIN Numbers

Do Boats Have VIN Numbers?

Many prospective vessel buyers want to know the answer to, “do boats have VIN numbers?” It’s a great question and shows that you want to be a responsible boat owner. When you register your boat, much like when you register your vehicle, it is assigned a unique number that is used to identify it. This…