The Difference Between US Vessel Registration and Documentation

Owning a yacht, large pleasure boat or commercial vessel is a big step for you. Boats like this can bring you great pleasure and can be a fine way to develop a business or career. When you own a boat of a larger size like this, you need to explore your options regarding documentation and registration. There is a significant difference between the two formats that many are people are not aware of, and documentation can have certain advantages for you as an owner. It is important to know the difference between US vessel registration and documentation so you can see what is right and is best for you.

Registration with the State

Registering a vessel is a process that is handled by the state you reside in with your vessel. Each state has different regulations regarding registration, cost, and the paperwork that you need to file with the state. It is a similar process to registering your car with the state, and there are fees involved with the process. You are also supplied with a registration number for your vessel when you register. Some people do find the registration process convoluted and difficult, depending on the state they reside in.

US Vessel Registration

Documentation is Different Than Registration

Unlike US vessel registration, documentation is quite different. When you document your vessel, it is on a federal level with the U.S. Coast Guard. You do pay a fee and are supplied with a documentation number for your boat, and your documentation must be renewed every year. There is no legal requirement to document pleasure vessels, but if you do not document it, you must register it with your state. For commercial vessels, documentation is required by law. You can go through the documentation process with the Coast Guard, and there are forms to file. Documentation is often a requirement by financial lenders to get a mortgage for your boat.

Getting Help with U.S. Vessel Documentation

There is help available to you if you do not want US vessel registration and prefer to get documentation instead. When you come to us at Vessel Documentation Online, Inc., you can take care of your filing quickly and easily, and we will make sure the process is done correctly for you. You can get all the information and forms you need right here at our website, and if you have any questions about the process you can call us at 800-340-7580 for assistance.