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  • Renewal
  • Transfer
  • Reinstatement
  • Certified Copy (COD)
  • Replacement (COD)
  • Deletion (COD)
  • Abstract of Title
  • Satisfaction/Release of Mortgage/Lien
  • Preferred Ship Mortgage
  • Notice of Claim of Lien
  • Change Vessel Name or Hailing Port
  • Marad Small Vessel Waiver
  • Placeholder
  • Upload Document

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The Types of USCG Documentation Every Vessel Owner Needs

Did you know that vessel owners in the United States are required to hold various documents? An Operator's License or a Certificate of Documentation are two examples. As a ship owner, you have likely heard of multiple forms for USCG documentation that must be completed. However, what exactly are they, and what do they signify? All vessels in U.S. territorial waters must have certain documents, according to the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). Any ship that plans to sail into U.S. territorial waters must first get a license from the U.S. Coast Guard. Ships, boats,

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Valuable Tips to Make the Most of Your Boat Documentation

Most boat owners don't give much thought to their boat's paperwork, but there are certain things you can do to ensure that your paperwork serves you well. In this article, we'll go over some suggestions for making the most of the boat documentation. Having this certificate in your possession is essential to legally owning and operating a boat. A certificate of ownership is issued by the state whenever a boat is registered. The certificate describes the boat's length and other information that may be used by law enforcement to verify the registration. This certificate

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Tips for Obtaining a Good vessel Abstract of Title

As a legal record, the vessel abstract of title details the vessel's history of ownership beginning with its construction. It's a safeguard for you, the owner if a disagreement occurs with a potential buyer or lender. A well-functioning one is essential if you sell your boat, so keep it in good shape. Boat owners must always keep an eye on their vessels. They have to ensure the ships are in excellent working order and equipped to deal with any dangers that may be encountered, in addition to worrying about the safety and security of their

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The Benefits of CFR 183 Documentation for US Vessel Owners

As a ship owner in the United States, you should know the advantages of CFR 183 documentation. Such paperwork may facilitate trade between the United States and other countries. The word "jurisdiction" describes the boundaries of an administrative body's authority to make and uphold the law. Historically, the federal government and the various states in the United States had shared authority over boats that operated inside their boundaries. State law continues to apply in some contexts, like the registration of ships and the licensing of vessel owners, despite Congress having enacted legislation that grants

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Tips for Documenting Your Boat in the USA

You must be familiar with and abide by paperwork regulations if you own a boat in the United States. Vessel owners in the US have been obligated to maintain certain documents since the first ships were registered.  Documenting  your boat  will need pictures of your boat's hull, ports, windows, locks, equipment, antennae, speakers, water line markers (called "bilge boards"), registration numbers, owners' names and addresses, and hull numbers; all are essential elements of maintaining such accurate records. Documenting the size of your boat can assist you in understanding what it is that is being

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