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Boating Terms: Port vs. Stern

If you don’t know the difference between port vs. stern, this article is for you. Understanding basic boating terminology makes it easier to comprehend documents and converse with other boat owners, especially if you are new to boating and the boating community. When you deal with boating paperwork, it also pays to know what terms mean so that you can fill out documents correctly, which saves time and money on fees. Here’s what you need to know about the port and the stern.  Port and Stern Definitions Let’s start with the simple definitions

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Can You Rename a Boat and Should You?

If you’ve recently purchased a boat or you decide your boat’s current name isn’t working for you, you may be wondering if can you rename a boat. The short answer is yes, but there’s a bit more that goes into it than simply making the decision to make the switch. Changing what your vessel is called requires some paperwork and cosmetic changes to your boat. Read through this information to help you decide if a name change is the right step for you or not.  Is Renaming a Boat Bad Luck? If the

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The Difference Between Boat History Report vs. Vessel Abstract of Title from USCG

Do you need a boat history report or an abstract of the title? If you don’t know, this article is for you. When you buy a boat, it makes sense to find out as much about it as you can so that you can determine if it’s the right choice for you or not. You can find out about financials, accidents, current ownership, and much more. But the boat's history tells a different story than an abstract of title. This article explains the differences so you know which one you need.  United States Coast Guard Documentation

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How to Name your Boat the RIGHT way – Rules for naming USCG Documented Vessels

There’s a certain amount of fun and creativity involved with giving your boat a name. However, there are some rules that go along with USCG documented vessels and their moniker. Whether you’re naming a brand new boat or renaming an existing boat, there are regulations that you must adhere to. Understanding these guidelines before you become attached to a certain name is important. Keep reading for the information you need.  What is a USCG Documented Vessel? Before getting to boat naming rules, it’s a good idea to determine if your boat is a

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Be Compliant with the Coast Guard Safety Requirements

When you own or operate a boat, whether for commercial or recreational purposes, it’s important to be aware of the Coast Guard safety requirements that go along with it. In addition to following the laws regarding safety on the water, there is some safety equipment that you must have on board your vessel at all times. Here’s what to include. Personal Flotation Device (PFD) Also known as a life jacket, you must have a PFD on board for all passengers. There are many styles and sizes

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