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How To Boat In Nasty Weather?

Heavy weather can be a dangerous condition while you’re out on the water. Even if you’re careful enough, the dangerous combination of weather and water can still surprise you. During the boating season, heat waves can bring storms unexpectedly. They’re worse than getting seasick. The good thing is that you can take steps to ensure that you’re not going to the mouth of a storm while you’re boating in nasty weather or rough seas. Check the Forecast Before you even venture out, you must ensure that you know the water projections. Some boaters can read cloud formations and the wind conditions. These

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How to Check Coast Guard Documentation Status

Fortunately, the process for checking your Coast Guard documentation status is fairly easy and doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to figure out. Once you’ve submitted the initial documentation, you can also check back on the application process to see where you’re at in getting it completed. You can also check to see what the current processing times are. Remember, that most vessels are required to be documented with the United States Coast Guard, so it’s important to make sure your documentation is in order and current at all times.

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Where Do You Go for Ship Documentation?

One of the responsibilities you have as a ship owner, whether it is commercial or recreational, is to make sure your ship complies with current rules and regulations. For recreational vessels, often this simply means registering your vessel in the state you live in. However, depending on the size of your vessel, you may want to explore the option of federally documenting your vessel so that you have a listing with the U.S. Coast Guard. There are certain benefits to this documentation, including helping with international travel and in securing financing for your ship, that can make the process worthwhile

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Boating Terms: Port vs. Stern

If you don’t know the difference between port vs. stern, this article is for you. Understanding basic boating terminology makes it easier to comprehend documents and converse with other boat owners, especially if you are new to boating and the boating community. When you deal with boating paperwork, it also pays to know what terms mean so that you can fill out documents correctly, which saves time and money on fees. Here’s what you need to know about the port and the stern.  Port and Stern Definitions Let’s start with the simple definitions

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USCG Documented Vessel: The Basics

Are you thinking about a USCG-documented vessel? If you do so, you will help ensure that you have all the required protections in place, protecting your boat and the crew members on board. However, it might be challenging to know where to begin when it comes to obtaining a vessel documented by the USCG. For the benefit of any vessel owners interested in getting their paperwork process underway, we have compiled this beginner's guide to the essentials. In this section, we will go over why it is necessary and what documentation is needed when

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