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Vessel Documentation Online, LLC is a Private Fee for Service Agency, NOT the U.S. Coast Guard.

Easy and Fast Vessel Documentation Lookup System

After years of dreaming about getting a ship to enjoy the water life you always wished for, you finally made up your mind. A little vessel documentation lookup is important before getting down to business. After all, you want to buy yourself a boat, not a problem, right? Sometimes, the rush and emotion of investing in a vessel that may join you for many years can be troublemaking. It can lead to omitting procedures that may save you problems in the future. Learn why it is important to do some background

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Vessel Documentation Renewal Step by Step

No documentation validity lasts forever. After the indicated expiration date that figures on the Certificate of Documentation, you must apply for vessel documentation renewal. The procedure is rather simple, as you can find the right form on the website, and filling it is easy as well. Keep in mind that renewal is valid before the expiration date and within 30-days after expiration. When those 30-days are over, the United States Coast Guard requires you to apply for reinstatement if you want your vessel to be active again. It’s important to point

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The Benefits of Using Our Vessel Documentation Center

The United States offers lots of maritime activities all around the country, only matched in numbers by the amount of paperwork you need to process. The US Vessel Documentation Center website is here to help you out! Say goodbye to the old days of sending letters and making endless lines at some US Coast Guard office. You no longer have to deal with the authorities and annoying bureaucracy. Why leave the house and waste a whole day processing documentation while you can do everything at our site quickly and easily?

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Find All USCG Documentation in One Place

Have you grown tired of searching the web for hours trying to find the USCG documentation you need to deal with your vessel’s paperwork? Not only that: once you have found what you are looking for, then you have to take the time to fill in endless forms and deal with the correspondent authorities.  Take a deep breath and relax, because those days are over! Bookmark this website because every single USCG documentation is here! See

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Abstract of Title and Other Required US Vessel Documentation

Becoming a vessel owner is a long-term commitment. Regardless of whether you are using it for recreational purposes or commercial ventures, there is a great deal of maintenance and research that can go into caring for your vessel. Before you even purchase it, however, you want to make sure that you have thoroughly researched a vessel’s history. In order to obtain all of the compulsory information for a vessel you will need to obtain an Abstract of Title. What is an Abstract of Title? An Abstract of Title refers to one of

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