Vessel Certificate of Documentation

How to Renew an Expired Vessel Certificate of Documentation

Did your vessel certificate of documentation recently expire and you aren’t sure what to do? Now that your certificate has expired, does it seem like you’re out of options? While it may feel that way, it is not the case. There is still a way to get your documentation valid again so that you can use your vessel how you would like. While it may seem unlikely to some vessel owners, the truth is that it’s all too easy to let your documentation expire. At our vessel documentation center, we’ve helped vessel owners from all walks of life to get their documentation valid again and keep it that way. 

What to Do When Your Vessel Certificate of Documentation Expires 

The first step is to not panic, give in to worry, or anything of that nature. Instead, you should go to our site and click on “Reinstatement.” There, you can find the application you need for your documentation to be valid again. Now, if you want to get your expired documentation valid again, you have to go through the “Reinstatement” process. You can’t “renew,” go through the “renewal” process, or anything of that nature once your certificate has expired. 

Vessel Certificate of Documentation

How to Avoid Your Certificate Expiring in the First Place 

As you probably know, your certificate of documentation is valid for one year. That said, with how much each of us has to do in our lives, it’s all too easy to lose track of that and let your documentation expire unwillingly. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we made it easier than ever to renew your documentation through our site. Here, if you go through us, you don’t have to renew year by year. Instead, you can renew for up to five years in advance, all at once. That way, you never have to worry about it expiring for a long time to come. 

Getting Your Initial Certificate 

In fact, you can choose to renew your documentation from the moment you apply for your initial documentation through our site as well. We know that you have many options when it comes to getting your initial documentation online. That’s just one of the reasons that we do everything we can to stand out from the rest. Here, you can send in your initial documentation through our mobile-optimized site. That means you can be on any device in just about any location and, so long as you’re on the internet, you can get the forms you need right here. 

More Than Just a Center for Certificate Renewal 

You’ll note that the last sentence of the previous paragraph said “forms,” it didn’t just say “renewal,” “reinstatement,” “certificate of documentation,” or the like. At our SSL encrypted site, we have just about all of the forms that you might need for vessel ownership. From the initial abstract of title (very useful when researching a vessel) through the transfer of ownership, you can find it all right here.