Coast Guard Boat Registration

Coast Guard Boat Registration: A Complete Guide

If you have been in the boating industry for a while, at this point you are probably familiar with what the Coast Guard Boat Registration is. If you are not, however, this article will tell you everything you need to know about the subject. As a yacht owner you are probably well aware of the importance of having all of the necessary papers in place before setting sail. Nevertheless, it is never too late to review them. So stay with us while we shed some light on the matter!

Coast Guard Registration for Commercial and Recreational Vessels

Boats are grossly divided into two different categories: recreational and commercial vessels. The first category is for those vessels used primarily for leisure activities. They can engage on commercial purposes every once in a while but it is not the main use. Commercial vessels, on the other hand, are considered when they are used or engaged in any type of commercial venture, including but not limited to fishing or carrying cargo and/or passengers for hire. 

It is important to make this distinction for a reason. Boats with a net weight over 5 tons and used for commercial reasons will have to get the Coast Guard Boat Registration. That is approximately 27 feet long. Recreational vessels will have the option of documenting their boats with the USCG only if they are over this size, and in their case they will get it for 5 years (from 2022) instead of having to renew the document yearly.

Once the owner has submitted the form to the Coast Guard the vessel will be assigned an official number, and the owner will get a document known as Certificate of Documentation, which should remain on board at all times. Keep in mind that only US citizens are eligible for this type of registration.

Advantages from Coast Guard Boat Registration

Given that commercial boats sometimes don’t have other options than the Coast Guard Boat Registration, you might be wondering why recreational boats would decide to get one, as they would still need to comply with the appropriate state registration requirements. One of the advantages of this certification is that it creates a clear chain of ownership, so that possible buyers and lenders are aware of liens or mortgages before selling it.

Furthermore, if your boat has been registered with the Coast Guard, a ‘collateral’ benefit of the action is that its value will increase, given that potential buyers will be assured that the boat has been well maintained (a requisite to be USCG documented). Finally, the main benefit is that it allows you to travel through international waters much simpler, as your vessel will be recognized as American and therefore the clearance on foreign ports is easier.

Coast Guard Boat Registration

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