coast guard registration process

Going Through the Coast Guard Registration Process

If you have recently purchased a large boat, either for recreational purposes or commercial purposes, there are steps you need to take before you can legally put the boat in the water and traverse the seas. You need to make sure your boat is registered properly, either with the state that you live in or with the United States Coast Guard. Recreational vessels of a certain size have the option of documenting their vessel with the Coast Guard or not, but commercial vessels do not get a choice. If you need to go through the Coast Guard registration process, you need to have the proper information ready and know where to file your paperwork.

Getting Your Information for Registration

There is some basic information you will need to register your vessel with the Coast Guard. You will need to supply your proper name and address, and you also need to provide proof that as the owner you are a United States citizen. Only citizens can document a vessel with the Coast Guard, and proof is required in the process. You will also need to provide certain boat information, such as the vessel name, port of origin, and other important details regarding the boat.

coast guard registration process

Filing for Coast Guard Documentation

When you are ready to begin the Coast Guard registration process for your vessel, you will have a choice regarding where you go to file your paperwork. All paperwork involving documentation is handled by the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC), which is a division of the Coast Guard. You can go to the Coast Guard website to file your forms if you wish, but many boat owners find the website cumbersome to use and difficult to follow. That is why more boat owners are turning to third-party agencies like ours here at Vessel Documentation Online, Inc. for assistance.

We Help with Registration

When you need help with the Coast Guard registration process, the place to turn is here at Vessel Documentation Online, Inc. You can file your forms easily right here at our website, and our expert staff will look over the information to check for errors and accuracy. Once everything is fine, we can then file the paperwork for you with the Coast Guard and keep track of the progress for you so you know when you can expect resolution. Make the process easier for yourself and take advantage of the help we can provide for you so you can get your boat on the water.