CG 1258 form

All CG 1258 Form Uses and When You Need Them

Do you feel like you need to get your vessel documented, but aren’t 100% sure that’s the right course of action? Do you read names like “CG 1258 form” and your eyes glaze over? Most vessel owners didn’t buy a vessel just so that they could learn some new form of jargon. That form is one of the most common ones vessel owners use at our site. There are many reasons for that, and it may just be the right form for your needs, too. 

CG 1258 Form Explained 

This is the form where it all starts with vessel documentation. CG 1258 is used often for the initial documentation of a vessel. So, if your vessel measures at least five net tons and is owned by a citizen of the United States (with some exceptions) you can get it documented. Only certain vessels engaged in certain activities have to be documented, but all vessels with those minimum qualifications have to be documented. If you have any further questions, our staff is more than happy to answer them. 

More Than Just the Initial: Replacement 

CG 1258 isn’t used exclusively for the initial documentation. It’s also used often for replacing a lost Certificate of Documentation, too. See, if your certificate has been lost or even just mutilated, you are no longer in compliance with the USCG, even if your renewal date is far into the future. You can use the “Replacement” form at our site to make sure that you’re always in compliance when you head out on the water. We also have “rush processing” so that you can get your documentation back to you that much faster. 

“Replacement” and “Reinstatement”  are Not Synonymous With “Renewal”

It’s important to note that “replacement” and “renewal” are not the same thing when it comes to vessel documentation. In fact, they’re very different. You can “renew” your documentation right up until the deadline. However, once your USCG (COD) has passed thirty days of expiration, you have to “reinstate” it. Moreover, “replacement” isn’t the same as “renewal” either. At our site, we understand how this can all be a bit confusing. So, to make it easier, we can actually renew your documentation for you. With the press of a button, you can renew it for up to five years in the future. 

All the Forms You Might Need for Your Vessel 

CG 1258 is just one of the many forms of documentation that you can find at our site which could benefit you and your vessel. For example, many vessel owners get their vessel documented just so that they can get a Preferred Ship’s Mortgage. You can find the form for that at our site, too. Additionally, once you’ve paid that mortgage off, you’re going to want to let the powers that be know as well – and, of course, we have those forms. To see everything that we have to offer vessel owners like you, just head to our site today and contact us.