USCG Documentation

An Easier, Legitimate Way to Process USCG Documentation

You probably already know that maintaining current documentation can be a hassle if you own a boat registered with the United States Coast Guard. You must send your USCG documentation in through the mail, wait for it to be processed, and then hope that everything is in order. However, there is a more convenient option. The United States Coast Guard has partnered with a brand-new online service known as the U.S. Vessel Documentation Center, which will assist you in efficiently processing your documentation. You can create and manage your documentation online with the help of the U.S. Vessel Documentation Center without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. In addition, their customer service is of the highest caliber, and they guarantee that customers will be happy or they will refund their money. The following is a list of options for processing your USCG documentation.

Make Sure Your Documents Are Complete and Accurate

The first thing you need to ensure is that all of the paperwork that is asked of you is there and that it is correct. Suppose you are applying for a position at a marina that requires operational knowledge of firefighting equipment on board vessels, for instance. In that case, you must include an official certificate from an organization such as the United States Coast Guard or the United States Army Corps of Engineers proving that you have been trained in this area. Failing to do so could result in the rejection of your application or a delay in the processing of your application. Be sure that the description of your service accurately reflects what you do (for instance, if you run a driving school, you should be careful to define in detail the types of certifications and training programs that you provide). Check everything more than once.

Upload Your Documents to The USCG Database

The United States Coast Guard mandates that all vessels that have been recorded do so via the Coast Guard Database System. They can maintain track of the USCG documentation of the boat, the ownership of the vessel, and even the actual position of the boat when it is not in use, thanks to the database system. One of the many reasons you may want to prepare your USCG documents is to demonstrate that you comply with the restrictions that the USCG imposes.

You may now use a service that is available online and known as the U.S. Vessel Documentation Center to make your life simpler. Through this online service, you will be able to enter all of your information into a protected database, making it possible for the USCG to access your details from a centralized place. Using this approach, you can either submit a brand-new application or update an existing one.

Mail-In Your Documents Via Certified Mail or Courier Service for the USCG documentation

Mailing in your USCG paperwork seems to be the most straightforward option. It’s tough, however. The USCG employs a technique called “verification” to ensure that you are who you claim to be. Someone you know (a friend or family member) is contacted by the USCG and asked to verify your identification. Your friend or family member will have to go through a lot of trouble attempting to find this out on their own since the USCG doesn’t give any information on how to accomplish this. 

Using a third party to verify your identity and get the necessary papers is the most efficient method. Fortunately, you’ve found us! Only your full name, date of birth, Social Security Number and email address are required for us to provide you with a secure link to your USCG documentation request. Logging onto our system is as simple as clicking on your desired delivery method and entering your safe link (PDF, CD, or hardcopy). There will be no need for you to worry about anything!

USCG Documentation

Fax Your Documents to The USCG National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC)

You may be asking how you can have your papers processed if you don’t have the luxury of traveling to the USCG office that is located closest to you because you cannot do so. You will be required to fax several different papers, but to do so, you will need a cover sheet. On page 3 of the Boating Safety Education, Certificate Application is where you’ll find the cover sheet. This page makes it simple for you to fill out the information for the fax header, after which you may specify the particular pages that will be sent with your fax.

If you want to skip getting all your documents processed before starting the registration process, contact the U.S. Vessel Documentation Center at (800) 340-7580 for more information.