USCG Hailing Port Requirements

USCG Hailing Port Requirements: Does My Hailing Port Have to Be In The State of Registration?

There is a set of USCG hailing port requirements that you should be aware of when you register your boat. Knowing what they are and how to comply with them is an important part of being a responsible boat owner. At the same time, it ensures that your documentation is current and accurate with the correct associated information listed on each piece of paperwork. Here’sair jordan 11 gym red nike jordan sale cizme rosii barbati edge 500 bluetooth χαλάκι ασφαλείας costumi carnevale brasiliano adidas la trainer herre sort سيرجيو تاكيني ساعات andre johnson houston texans jersey nike air max grigie e nere honor 9 lite vs samsung s6 edge adidas handball spezial test τσαντες χιαστι trussardi andre johnson houston texans jersey biotin collagen conditioner what you need to know. 

What is a Hailing Port?

The hailing port is the designated place where your boat claims its origin. This can be anywhere the owner of the vessel chooses and can be coastal or landlocked. This location is included on your registration. The hailing port is going to be where you store your boat when it’s not in the water and there are additional requirements on a state basis, so be sure you investigate the guidelines in the state where you plan to claim your hailing port. 

USCG Hailing Port Requirements for Designation

When you register your boat, you must choose a hailing port to go along with it. This will be marked on the vessel itself, as well as needing to be reported on most documentation associated with the boat. Here are requirements:

  • The hailing port must be in the United States that is included in the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Federal Information Processing Standards Publication.
  • The hailing port must include the state, possession or territory where it is located.
  • Final authority to settle disputes dealing with designated hailing ports is the Director, National Vessel Documentation Center.
  • When choosing a new hailing port, the above requirements don’t apply to vessels with a Certificate of Documentation issued before July 1, 1982

USCG Hailing Port Requirements

Hailing Port Marking Requirements

There is also a set of guidelines that go along with displaying your hailing port on your vessel. It’s important to adhere to these carefully so that you don’t have to pay fines or penalties as a result of displaying them incorrectly. The rules are as follows:

  • The name of your hailing port must be somewhere easily visible on the exterior of your boat on the port and starboard bow, as well as the stern of the vessel. 
  • For boats with a square bow, the hailing port must be clearly visible on the exterior of the bow in such a way that it is not obliterated by any other part of the boat. It must also be clearly marked on a visible portion of the stern. 
  • For vessels used only for recreational purposes, the hailing port must be displayed in a clearly visible location on the boat’s hull.
  • Markings must be durable and clearly legible.
  • Characters must be Latin or Arabic letters and Roman numerals. 
  • Characters must be at least 4 inches in height. 

Do you have more questions about the USCG hailing port requirements? We’re here to answer your questions and guide you through the process of choosing and declaring a hailing port. Contact the US Vessel Documentation Center today for all of the help you need.