Abstract of Title

List of Common Abbreviations in a Vessel Abstract of Title

Your boat’s Abstract of Title is an important document that you need to keep on hand at all times. However, it’s often filled with abbreviations that can be overwhelming and confusing. For that reason, it’s a great idea to become familiar with the most common acronyms that you might see on your Abstract of Title. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know. 

What is the Abstract of Title?

The short answer to this question is that the Abstract of Title is the collection of all relevant documents submitted to the United States Coast Guard for a boat. This paperwork is important because it proves ownership, proves that the registration is current and valid and other vital data pertaining to the vessel. Keep in mind that the Abstract of Title only contains documents that are accepted by the US Coast Guard for recording during the time it’s registered with the USCG.

If you are buying a boat, it’s a good idea to compare the data, particularly the vessel’s numbers, with that on the Abstract of Title. Mistakes need to be corrected and could be due to a simple mistake but might also be the result of fraud or other criminal activity. 

Common Abbreviations to Be Aware Of

Keeping this list of abbreviations on hand will help you cross reference information as you memorize the acronyms that are important to know. There may be others that don’t appear on this list, but for now make sure to get familiar with the following.

AF – Affidavit 

AGPM – Assignment of Preferred Mortgage 

AGCL – Assign Notice/Claim of Lien 

AGM – Assignment of Mortgage 

APM – Assumption of Preferred Mortgage 

AMCL – Amend Notice/Claim of Lien 

AMM – Amend Mortgage 

AMPM – Amend Preferred Mortgage 

APPM – Assumption of Preferred Mortgage 

ASSN – Association 

BKCY – Bankruptcy 

BS – Bill of Sale 

CORP – Corporation 

CP – Community Property 

CPRS – Community Property w/ Survivorship 

CSVR – Conservator 

CTO – Court Order 

DG – Deed of Gift 

EXX – Executor/Executrix 

FCL – Foreclosure

 FLPM – Fleet Preferred Mortgage 

FRF – Forfeiture 

GP – General Partner/General Partnership 

ILA – Interlender Agreement 

INC – Incorporated 

JT – Joint Tenants 

JTRS – Joint Tenants w/ survivorship 

JV – Joint Venture 

LP – Limited Partner/Limited Partnership 

LTD – Limited 

LQ – Liquidation 

MRG – Merger 

MTG – Mortgage 

NCL/CL – Notice of Claim of Lien 

ONC – Owner Name Change 

OPL – Operation of Law 

OT – Other 

PM – Preferred Mortgage

PR – Personal Representative 

RCVR – Receiver 

SB – Subordination Agreement 

SCL – Satisfaction of Claim of Lien 

SMTG – Satisfaction of Mortgage 

SPM – Supplement to Mortgage 

SPPM – Supplement to Preferred Mortgage 

TBE – Tenants by Entirety 

TIC – Tenants in Common 

TI – Transfer of Interest 

TSTE – Trustee 

TSTM – Trustee, Mortgagee 

UTA – Under Trust Arrangement 

WVR – Waiver

Here are a few other abbreviations you might encounter as part of the process of examining your Abstract of Title:

AT – Abstract of Title 

CFR – Code of Federal Regulations 

COD – Certificate of Documentation 

COO – Certificate of Ownership 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

IMO – International Maritime Organization 

NVDC – National Vessel Documentation Center 

USCG – United States Coast Guard USC or US Code – United States Code 

US – United States 

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 

OMB – Office of Management and Budget

Abstract of Title

Do you need help organizing your Abstract of Title? Do you have questions about what the abbreviations mean? You’re in the right place. Contact the US Vessel Documentation Center today for the assistance you need.