Transfer of Ownership Form

Learning to Complete a Transfer of Ownership Form

Is it time to let your vessel go and you do not know where to start? Have you been looking at boats online and would like to know what are the next steps you should take? Don’t worry, we have got your back. This article will show you how to complete the transfer of ownership form, where you can get it, if it is the same as the exchange documentation and some other useful details you might want to have a look at before getting involved on a boat transaction. Without further ado, here we go.

State Titling VS USCG Documentation

Before selling your watercraft, you will need to know if the boat is state-titled or documented with the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Those are two different ways of proving the ownership of the boat, so the process will vary depending on the occasion. This article in particular, will center on those vessels that are USCG-registered.

If the last one is your case, you can submit a copy of the transfer of ownership form to the US Coast Guard. Keep in mind that you will need to include the signatures of both the seller and the buyer, and they will need to be authenticated by a notary public. Apart from that, the name and address from the new owner will need to be included in the document.

When you Need to Use the Transfer of Ownership Form

The transfer of ownership form, however, is not only used when you are selling your boat. In fact, as you can see on our website, the form is also called “exchange”. That is because this application is supposed to cover any changes you need to make to your certificate of documentation. “Changing the ownership” of the vessel, for instance, is considered one of them. 

Ultimately, you will need to use this same form whenever:

  • The vessel changes ownership
  • The vessel owner/s add or remove any member
  • The vessel ownership is incorporated by a different business
  • You want to change the name of the vessel
  • You need to change the hailing port of the vessel
  • The vessel is now under the command of someone who is not a US citizen
  • Other than these situations, the CoD can also become invalid if you change the net tonnage of the vessel, or if the vessel owner dies, to name a few.

Transfer of Ownership Form

Details you Need to Complete your Transfer of Ownership Form

To complete the Transfer of Ownership form, you only need to select it from the list of applications at the left side of our site. Once there, you will be asked for your vessel name and official number as well as your HIN number and hailing port. After that, you will need to complete some personal details about yourself like your name, contact information and address. Later on, you have to check some boxes stating the purpose of your application (transferring the ownership). And after you sign and pay, the process will be completed by Vessel Documentation Online LLC.

VDO is a third party agency that allows you to process any type of boat documentation from the comfort of your house. Additionally, you will have someone from our experienced staff overlooking your documentation, so we are sure no mistakes are being made. Contact us today for any other questions you may have!