Coast Guard vessel documentation status

Changing Your Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Status Properly

Do you know exactly how you want to use your new vessel, yet aren’t sure how to do so while in compliance with the Coast Guard? Does it seem like the rules to what you can and can’t do with your vessel are arbitrary at best? Using your vessel in a manner you see fit is one of the best and most fundamental freedoms about vessel ownership in the first place. Here at our vessel documentation site, we’re committed to helping vessel owners like you to use their vessels how they want, while always in compliance with the powers that be. When your life changes, we can help you to update your Coast Guard vessel documentation status fast. 

When You Sell (or Buy) Your Vessel 

Moving on from owning a vessel can be just as big of a life decision as buying one in the first place. When it’s time for you to do either, you can use the “Transfer” form at our site. Similar to a “Bill of Sale” form for undocumented vessels, this makes certain that your status is updated with the Coast Guard. So, if you’re adding an owner, subtracting them, or anything similar, you’re going to want this form. Be forewarned: if you’re selling a documented vessel that still has a lien or mortgage on it, you need to either satisfy it or get permission from the lender first. 

When You Move 

As vessel owners, we often don’t stay in one place. That’s true on the water and off. When you move from one permanent residence to another, you need to update the Coast Guard on that. We have the forms to allow you to do so promptly. The same holds true for your vessel as well. Should you change your vessel’s “hailing port,” the authorities need to be kept up to date on that as well. While this can be seen as a chore, our site makes it easy to do in just a matter of minutes from practically anywhere. 

Important Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Status: Endorsements 

Using your vessel how you want is an important right. With the right endorsement, you’ll always be in compliance with the Coast Guard when you do so. Whether you want to use your vessel in Coastwise trade, foreign trade (Registry), for the purposes of Fishery, or just for the purposes of having a good time with family and friends (Recreational) we always keep you in compliance. 

All That We Offer Vessel Owners Like You 

Your time is important. No vessel owner should ever get “bogged down,” so to speak, in the minutiae of vessel documentation. To that end, we’ve designed our site to streamline the documentation process. If you have the proper information either memorized or at hand, you can complete the forms you need in just a few minutes. That said, should you have any questions, we’ll be more than glad to answer them. You can see all that we offer and fill out our contact form.