can you rename a boat

Can You Rename a Boat and Should You?

If you’ve recently purchased a boat or you decide your boat’s current name isn’t working for you, you may be wondering if can you rename a boat. The short answer is yes, but there’s a bit more that goes into it than simply making the decision to make the switch. Changing what your vessel is called requires some paperwork and cosmetic changes to your boat. Read through this information to help you decide if a name change is the right step for you or not. 

Is Renaming a Boat Bad Luck?

If the thought of bad luck is keeping you from renaming your boat, you can rest assured that it’s safe to do so. While there is a long held traditional belief that changing a boat’s name can anger the spirits, the truth is that these are just superstitions. However, there are rituals and ceremonies that sailors have used to change their boat’s name while also appeasing the gods and you can choose to use one if you so desire. 

Reasons to Rename a Boat

There are a multitude of reasons to give your boat a new name. Perhaps it’s named after someone you no longer like or have in your life. Maybe it’s second hand and the name it came with makes you cringe. A name that doesn’t match your interests or personality is another good one to consider switching. Overall, if for any reason you don’t like the name of your boat, feel free to change its name to something you do like. 

How to Choose a Good Boat Name

There are loads of tips for choosing a name for your boat, but the ultimate goal is to pick a moniker that means something to you. A name that has a personal significance to you is a good idea, whether you name it after someone you love, you pick a name that displays a personal interest or hobby, or you go with something that is a pun on sea life. Make sure it’s a name you want displayed on your boat and that you won’t decide you don’t like down the road. Creativity is fun and is something you can employ when you name your boat. It’s also a good idea to check and see if the name you are considering is already in use. 

Rules for Naming Your Boat

There are some official guidelines in place that dictate what you name your boat. If you apply for a name change that doesn’t adhere to these rules, your name change is likely to be rejected. Your boat’s name cannot be longer than 33 characters and cannot contain any vulgar, offensive or swear words. It cannot use words that are the same or close to those used to ask for emergency help on the water. Feel free to be creative, but use your common sense as well so that you find a name that is unique to you, but that will be approved by those in charge. 

can you rename a boat
Now that the question ”can you rename a boat” has been answered, do you need help to do so? The US Vessel Documentation Center is able to provide all the assistance you need.