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Boat Documentation and Staying Safe on the Water in January 2021

While our site’s primary concern is boat documentation, we always want to take an opportunity to remind our customers to be as safe as possible. That’s a priority of ours when it’s summer, the air is warm, the sun is hot, and the days seemingly last forever. It’s perhaps even more important now, as it’s January in America, and it’s snowing in much of the country. It’s important to be safe whether you’re going out on your boat in this weather or even if you’re just going to go check on it (should it be stored in the water). 

Boat Documentation 

Again, this is a good idea even if you’re just going to check on your boat in storage on the water. One of the good things about going boating during the winter is that there are far fewer people out on the water. However, one of the not always good things about going boating during the winter is that there are far fewer people out on the water. So, if you fall in or something happens, odds are there are going to be fewer people who could potentially hear you. If you go boating, remember that the gas station may have different hours or even not be open on some days. Having someone with you is a good idea, especially now. 

Dress for the Season 

We don’t have to tell you to dress warmly when you go out on a boat in January. That said, we do recommend that you dress in layers – perhaps, while you’re out on the water, the sun comes out. Then, you may not want to sweat through the several layers that you’re wearing. “Dressing appropriately” isn’t just about your shirt and pants, it’s about your shoes, too. Many boats, docks, and the like during the winter season have ice or are slicker than they might be in other seasons. So, this is a time to wear shoes with a bit of traction. 

Be Smart About Snow (and What You Bring) 

If your boat’s been outside for a while, odds are that, right now, there’s some snow on it. Like so many of us, your first instinct is probably to get a shovel and just beat that snow till you can throw it onto or into the water. However, that could cause problems for your deck. A great idea: bring a stiff broom. Preferably, one that you’re not going to use to sweep inside the house any time soon. That’s a great way to get rid of the snow without damaging your deck/boat. 

A Year-Round Home for Boat Documentation 

Winter months are a great time to make sure that your vessel documentation is in order. Even if you do go out on the water, odds are that you’re doing it less than you would have in other seasons. So, you can go through our site, find the forms you need, and be ready to hit it hard when the warm months come around. You can find our site here.