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All Yacht Documentation You Could Need When the Chop Gets Rough

Do you worry about your yacht documentation? Does it seem like you’re in a situation where you need a kind of vessel documentation but you aren’t sure which is right for you? At our U. S. Vessel Documentation Online Application Filing company, we don’t believe that vessel documentation is something that a person should ever have to worry about or stress over. You can find the forms you need at our site when you need them, in a format that makes for easy completion. 

When Your Yacht Documentation Has Expired 

There’s no shame in missing your vessel documentation’s renewal date. It happens to more people than you might think. As busy as we all are, with as much as we have to do, it’s perfectly understandable when some things, even important things, slip through the cracks. When your documentation expires, you can’t file a “renewal.” But, there is hope as well as a way forward. You can click on “reinstatement” at our site. There, you can go through the process of getting your documentation valid once again. 

When You’ve Lost Your Certificate of Documentation 

Not everyone realizes this, but to be in compliance with the USCG, you need to have an actual, physical, literal Certificate of Documentation. You can’t just have a picture of it, have it in an attachment in your email, that kind of thing. Even if your expiration date is far off, a physical copy is a necessity. But, if you lose your copy or it’s mutilated or something like that, all is not lost. All you have to do is to go through the “Replacement” process at our site. There, we’ll make sure that you get another copy quickly. 

When It’s Time to Sell Your Yacht to Someone Else 

Sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do to move on from a vessel. At our site, you can find all of the forms you need to make sure that the ownership transfer is a smooth one. For example, the “Transfer” form makes it easy for new (as well as previous) owners. That said, make sure that there aren’t any outstanding liens or mortgages on the vessel before you try to avail yourself of this form. Additionally, this form isn’t just for selling vessels: it’s also right for bringing on new owners and so much more. 

All of the Forms and Help You’ll Need 

The truth is that, no matter how well-prepared you are, you can’t know with 100% certainty what’s going to happen to you on the water. You can chart a course, you can make a float plan, but ultimately, some elements are going to be out of your control. All you can do is to respond to them the best that you can. To that end, our site can help you to do the same in terms of vessel documentation. Additionally, we have trained staff on hand who are more than happy to answer your questions too, through our site.