Coast Guard boat documentation for your vessel

Why Consider Coast Guard Boat Documentation for Your Vessel

After doing all of the necessary research—shopping around online, looking in magazine classifieds, and even going to boat shows—you’ve finally found the recreational vessel that’s just right for you. You’ve gone ahead and found a dealer and have decided to make a significant, life-changing investment. Like any other major purchase, there’s a lot of paperwork…

NVDC registered vessel

How to File a Notice of Claim of Lien for an NVDC Registered Vessel

Have you performed some work or maintenance for the owner of an NVDC registered vessel? Have you had a difficult time receiving payment for your services? You may think your options are somewhat limited, but the maritime industry, like most other lines of work, does have protections in place that allow you to recoup what…

National Vessel Documentation Center

What You Can Do with the National Vessel Documentation Center

When you own any sailing vessel, recreational or commercial, and you take the vessel out into the open waters around the United States, you are subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the United States Coast Guard. It is the responsibility of the Coast Guard to protect our waters, and part of their…